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The Factory

The factory

Olasagasti - The factoryThe Cantabrian Sea, offshore and little polluted, is rich in valuable fish: the delicate tuna “albacore” or White Tuna, the delicious “Cimarron“, the mackerel and the precious anchovy so different from the Mediterranean.

These fish are processed at the factory in Markina, 11 km from Ondarroa, an important port-market in northern Spain.

The new factory, has been completely refurbished in 1994..

The sophisticated and modern technological structure of the company (certified to European standard with no. 12.00.210 / BI), can work up to 5,000,000 kg annual fish.

The manufacturing body of the company consists of highly qualified elements regarding the handling of the fish, which is a decisive factor to enhance the best characteristics of the product.


The authenticity and origin of the fish and the final processing are subject to meticulous and severe dailycontrols by the HealthAuthority of the Basque Government as well as external independent Agents.

Throughout the year 1996, the Quality Management System wasinstalled in accordance with the European Union standards UNE-ISO-9001, whichwaslaterrenewed in the 2012 update.

Since 1949, the OLASAGASTI-ORLANDO products have developed a significant presence within the most important distribution channels of Italy and Spain, thanks to the increasing value that has been given to its high qualitative level.

Our Products

Olasagasti For almost 100 years Olasagasti and Orlando bring to your table the pleasure of high quality. Olasagasti canned fish products arise from the combination of a generous nature and an ancient tradition that has been handed down for three generations.
Orlando Canned fishThree Orlando generations to provide quality and traditions in canned fish . The canning masters of Orlando family still guarantee a genuine taste , refined and authentic of their products.