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Fishing for tuna Olasagasti

Olasagasti - Fishing for tuna Olasagasti The caught come about between June and November in the Cantabrian Sea waters
when the Bay of Biscay receives the migration of the White Tuna and the BluefinTuna which come to breed in our waters. It is therefore here, after this migration, where they feed, recover their strength and reach their optimum condition.

From the ports of the coast, fishing fleets take off to begin fishing the famous White tuna, or albacore tuna characterized for the long pectoral fins.

Tuna fishing is carried out even by fishermen with special bamboo poles and fresh fish bait according to ancient tradition: the use of nets affect the compactness and quality of tuna, and would constitute a serious danger to the preservation of some species, like dolphins.
In a trip you can fish from 600-700 pounds of tuna for a total of 4.5 tons, and the size of the fish reach 20-25 kg.

Among the prized tuna types include the already quoted “albacore tuna”, famous for the bright color of its tender flesh, the delicious “Cimarron”, with a reddish intense color and flavor.
Among other blue fish, mackerel and the prized anchovies, so different from the Mediterranean ones to size, flesh and flavor intensity.




Albacore tuna
Known in Spain as “Bonito del Norte” is the most appreciated of all tuna species. Its excellent flavor, the particular light pink color and lower content of fatty substances in its tender flesh, make this truly unique tuna.

Yellow Fin Tuna
Its pink flesh, is very appreciated for the particular finesse and delicacy. Both for the light shade and the velvety texture, it ranks at an intermediate level between the albacore tuna and the “Cimarron” tuna. Caught in the open sea and carefully selected, it is worked in a traditional way in order to ensure maximum cleaning and entirety of the fish.

Bluefinn tuna
The bluefinn, or Cimarron, is the king of tuna species. The intense color, reddish, the particular consistency of its meat, the full flavor and firm are its characteristics.

The anchovy fishing
The ports of the Basque fishing fleet, from April to June, are engaged in the campaign of the famous anchovies of the Cantabrian Sea. For fishing are used in the traditional circle nets, to catch only fishes that are on the water surface, without damaging the seabed. The anchovy from the Cantabrian Sea, renowned for its quality and firm consistency, mature in our barrels for 6-8 months under proper press, before the careful processing by skilled hands.

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