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Our history

Salvatore Orlando left Sicily, he moved to the Basque Country, where he planted some canned and salted fish factories.
Thanks to his entrepreneurial skills, becomes one of the main actors of the industrialization of the fishing sector in the Basque Country: in 1923 opens two factories, one in Guetaria and the other in Ondarroa.

Later, other factories are born throughout the fishing area of the Basque coast.
Since 1920, the brand Orlando is asserting itself in the Spanish market, extending even to the canned vegetables sector.

Its presence on the Italian market has been active since 1949 with Salvatore Orlando Genoa.


The evolution of the Group

Ignazio Orlando in 1993, after the sale of the Spanish business to a US multinational, decided to continue the entrepreneurial tradition in the fishing industry, participating in the restructuring and modernization of the factory Conservas Dentici S.L., 13 km from the port of Ondarroa.

The best-known brands imported directly from Olasagasti & C. Srl already Salvatore Orlando are: Orlando, Olasagasti, Bribon, El Faro, Gercor, The Marquinesa.



The philosophy

For almost 100 years Olasagasti and Orlando bring to the table the pleasure of high quality.
The Olasagasti-ORLANDO canned fish come from an unrepeatable combination of factors, thanks to a generous nature, to an ancient tradition and an advanced know-how:

  • The Cantabrian Sea, with its rich waters and clean, it is a real doc label for fish products
  • The factory in Spain, the Basque coast is certified ISO 9002
  • The “fresh” work is a guarantee of quality
  • The workforce is highly specialized
  • Since 1949 the Olasagasti-ORLANDO products have developed a strong niche presence in the major distribution channels in Italy and Spain, constantly focusing on high quality.

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Our Products

Olasagasti For almost 100 years Olasagasti and Orlando bring to your table the pleasure of high quality. Olasagasti canned fish products arise from the combination of a generous nature and an ancient tradition that has been handed down for three generations.
Orlando Canned fishThree Orlando generations to provide quality and traditions in canned fish . The canning masters of Orlando family still guarantee a genuine taste , refined and authentic of their products.